Decoding Shenzhen


Decoding Shenzhen

These illustrations accompanied an article on by Arshiya Khullar about the tech industry in Shenzhen.

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Mecca of manufacturing

"There is no limit to the kind of quirky products one might find while touring the market. A Baymax toy with a rechargeable light fitted inside, a Matryoshka Doll USB flash drive, electric unicycles with a Bluetooth speaker. Gamers can find all kinds of ancillary products like LED keyboards, graphic cards and high-end gaming mice."



Innovation versus imitation

"Shenzhen has one of the most centralised technology hubs in China. 85 percent of us [gaming companies] are located in the Nanshan district and within that also, 70 percent are in the same complex. One only needs to be here for two days to see it all…"


Commercialisation of the gaming industry

"As people in the community make money and become wealthy, they are pushing the smaller players off the market. What remains are the larger, less innovative and incumbent brands. This is a cycle that we have seen repeated over and over again, whether it was in the Silicon Valley or the technology industry in Boston…"